-Proofreading and Editing-

Every time you make a typo, the errorists win. 

It’s best practice to have a second set of eyes look over your work before you send it out into the world. 

Whether you need a simple grammar check or a thorough evaluation of your written work, I can help you fine tune your document. 

Documents I can proofread and edit include: reports, articles, blog posts, website content, speeches, email marketing campaigns and more. 


Document proofreading includes assessment of:


 Word choice and use of language.



Sentence structure.

Consistency of writing style.

Correct use of terminology.

Adherence to style guide, as required.

Adherence to referencing guide, as required.

Fact checking.


A more in depth review of your writing, editing includes evaluation of:

Structure – is the layout optimal?

Readability – Does it flow? Is it easy to read?

Consistency – Is your writing style consistent across the entire piece?

Clarity – Does it make sense to the reader?

Accuracy of language – Tone, Phrasing. Style.

Removal of errors.